YM Drawer

By now, you have noticed that Acronyms are often used within ministry.  Who knows why we don’t take an extra second to say the entire title, but that’s how we roll! Click here for a helpful list of Acronyms

Every parish/school has a BIG BLUE BINDER with Diocesan Policies.  Contact the parish/school office to review policies  such as Safe Environment, field trips, etc.

What would we do without forms?  Going on an outing–we need a form!  Planning a retreat-forms are needed!  Provided below are “samples” of forms.  Contact Catholic Mutual to be certain that your finalized form is acceptable and updated.

Resource Files

Diocese of Lafayette – Safe Environment Information

Chaperone Guidelines

Athletic & Sporting Events Parental/Guardian Consent Form and Liability

Catholic Mutual’s Vehicle Guidelines

Diocese of Lafayette 11-15 passenger Van Guidelines

Field Trip Risk Management Information

Vacation Bible Sch and Summer Camp Guidelines

Consent Waiver Form General

Consent & Waiver Form 2nd

Med Info Form General(rev)

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