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A constant challenge in the busy lives of youth leaders is to schedule personal enrichment experiences for ministry development.  The Youth Ministry and Practice Series (YMAPS) responds to this challenge by providing formation and enrichment opportunities for youth leaders at the convenience of their own schedules.

YMAPS facilitates the individual learner through topics applicable for ministry via online e-workshops.  The interactive learning experiences include guided directions, questions, reading materials, suggested resources and activities for digging deeper.

Realizing each person will approach the process differently, the potential time it could take the individual learner to move through the facilitated content is 1½ hrs…the average time for a “real-time” workshop.  As an option, individual learners may consider attending a diocesan/inter-regional/parish youth ministry meeting for follow-up and support.  This moves the youth leader from an individual learning experience to a community setting.  

YMAPS is an intentional effort to encourage Life-long Learning.  While some youth leaders may enter the experience for enrichment purposes only; others may pursue diocesan certification credits/hours.  The following can be applied for each e-workshop:  Level III, IV or V:  Specialized Methods- Youth Ministry or Adolescent Catechesis, 3 credits/1.5 hours.  Within the e-workshop the learner will hear an audio directive to download the Learning Journal and submit it to the Office of Youth Ministry for credits/hours.  Only submit the Learning Journal along with a $5.00 processing fee to the Office of Youth Ministry if credits/hours are pursued. For more details on the Diocesan Certification process, go to our Formation  page found above.