YMAPS Evaluation


Once you have completed a YMAPS Course, you will be directed to this evaluation form.  Please complete the evaluation form at that time and submit it.  We hope you enjoy your YMAPS journey.


  1. Which YMAPS E-workshop are you evaluating?
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  3. Is this the first YMAPS E-workshop that you have taken?
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  5. Did you take this YMAPS E-workshop for certificate credit?
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  7. Rate your overall experience of this YMAPS E-workshop:
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  10. What are one or two things that this e-workshop assisted you in learning or reflecting upon?
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  12. Based on your experience of this E-workshop, would you take another E-workshop from the diocese in the future?
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  14. Please list topics of interest.
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  16. Which was the most challenging aspect of this YMAPS E-workshop for you?
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  18. If other,list below.
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  20. What was the most helpful or best part of this E-workshop for you?
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  22. One thing that I would like the E-workshop developers to know is...
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Thank you for completing this evaluation form.  We offer our congratulations on completing your YMAPS course!  Your participation and comments are very valuable to us.   We  invite and encourage you to continue participating in this wonderful growth opportunity in Youth Ministry.


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